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An RDF query engine written in Java with in-memory and (Postgres) SQL backend support.

2005-02-06 This code is no longer in development. I suggest you use Jena or Sesame which are full-featured Java RDF frameworks. You should also check out the DAWG which is working on Sparql, a new standardised query language for RDF.

For archival interest only, the last version of tinkling is avilable. When you download it, if you're on a unix-like machine (including Mac OS x) type "tar -zxvf tinkling-0.1.tar.gz', 'cd tinkling', and then 'make ask', to run an in-memory query. You might need to edit the Makefile to show the location of your java - find it by typing 'whereis java'; you should put the bit before 'bin/java' at the top of the Makefile, e.g. on Mac OS X:

% whereis java

The Makefile should therefore say:


Tinkling is now released under the W3C license.

Javadoc is available, and there are two documents describing aspects of the system.

This is Open Source software, with several contributors, including Libby Miller, Dan Brickley and Leigh Dodds. It is part funded by the Harmony project and the IMesh Project.

Contact: Libby Miller <>
Date: 2002-07-26
Latest Version (0.70):

This software is licensed under the GPL (GPL FAQ). It used to be available under the Mozilla license as well: I've released it just under the GPL to avoid any ambiguity, and because it is the best license suited to its purpose. Get in touch if GPL doesn't work for you.
NOTE: Test cases are available separately under a W3C-like software license

What is this?

This is an RDF query engine, written in Java, which can take SQL-like query strings and which uses the JDBC API. See the usecases and downloads page for some examples of how you might like to use it. It is demonstration software for experimentation and dissemination purposes.



I've used it to build


The Inkling software for SquishQL was written by several different people, and included lots of input from people at the ILRT and elsewhere. Thanks in particular to Dan Brickley, Leigh Dodds and the ILRT semantic web group.

Inkling itself is released under the GPL (GPL FAQ).

The software was partially funded by the Harmony and Imesh projects at the ILRT.

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