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Absolution by Patrick Flanery

Review by Adam O'Riordan - from The Observer

A literary thriller intersecting lives in a South Africa torn apart by struggle evokes Graham Greene, writes Adam O'Riordan

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The Selected Letters of Charles Dickens, edited by Jenny Hartley; Charles Dickens and the Great Theatre of the World by Simon Callow

Review by Peter Conrad - from The Observer

Callow's spirited salute to Dickens misses the darker depths revealed in the great man's letters, finds Peter Conrad

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The Man Without A Face: The Unlikely Rise of Vladimir Putin by Masha Gessen

Review by James Meek - from The Observer

James Meek applauds a courageous book that delves into the Russian prime minister's shady past

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Aftermath: On Marriage and Separation by Rachel Cusk

Review by Julie Burchill - from The Observer

Rachel Cusk's memoir of the breakdown of her marriage is a masterclass in emotional dissection, writes Julie Burchill

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Collected Stories by Isaac Bashevis Singer

Review by Anthony Cummins - from The Observer

These peculiar tales of life in eastern Europe showcase Isaac Bashevis Singer's genius for storytelling, writes Anthony Cummins

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Jackson Pollock by Evelyn Toynton

Review by Christopher Bray - from The Observer

Evelyn Toynton's portrait of Jackson Pollock reveals the artist in complex, colourful detail, writes Christopher Bray

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The Last Interview and Other Conversations by Kurt Vonnegut, edited by Tom McCartan

Review by Killian Fox - from The Observer

A collection of interviews with Kurt Vonnegut displays his dark wit to the full, writes Killian Fox

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Moby-Duck by Donovan Hohn

Review by Alexander Larmen - from The Observer

Alexander Larmen enjoys a bizarre cautionary tale that tracks thousands of plastic ducks around the world

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New Ways to Kill Your Mother: Writers and Their Families by Colm Tóibín

Review by Adam Mars-Jones - from The Observer

In mapping out literature's family tree, Colm Tóibín can't help but bend a branch or two to his will, says Adam Mars-Jones

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Boredom: A Lively History by Peter Toohey

Review by Helen Zaltzman - from The Observer

Helen Zaltzman is diverted by Peter Toohey's study of tedium and ennui

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The Library Book, edited by Rebecca Gray

Review by William Skidelsky - from The Observer

Stephen Fry, Zadie Smith et al contribute to this heartfelt set of essays on the importance of libraries, writes William Skidelsky

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Sarah Thornhill by Kate Grenville

Review by Belinda McKeon - from The Guardian

Kate Grenville draws on her ancestors' stories. By Belinda McKeon

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The English Monster by Lloyd Shepherd

Review by Judith Flanders - from The Guardian

Flamboyant and melodramatic, this book offers a solution to some real-life murders in the East End of London in 1811

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The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey

Review by Carrie O'Grady - from The Guardian

This magical tale of the Alaskan frontier is refreshingly ungilded

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The Street Sweeper by Elliot Perlman

Review by Jay Parini - from The Guardian

This subtle meditation on the healing powers of storytelling is impressive

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Child: New and Selected Poems 1991-2011 by Mimi Khalvati

Review by Charles Bainbridge - from The Guardian

Charles Bainbridge celebrates a work of domestic intimacy

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The House That Groaned by Karrie Fransman

Review by Rachel Cooke - from The Observer

A house's oddball occupants jump off the page in Karrie Fransman's bleak yet beautiful graphic novel, writes Rachel Cooke

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Capital by John Lanchester

Review by Theo Tait - from The Guardian

Theo Tait weighs up John Lanchester's panoramic survey of the London bubble

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The Woman Who Went to Bed for a Year by Sue Townsend

Review by Alex Clark - from The Guardian

Sue Townsend's latest heroine intrigues Alex Clark

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Suddenly, a Knock on the Door by Etgar Keret

Review by Ian Sansom - from The Guardian

Ian Sansom salutes a c0llection of short stories that brims with invention

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Wired for Culture by Mark Pagel

Review by Julian Baggini - from The Guardian

Julian Baggini on an account of what separates men from the beasts ... and other men

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Wilkie Collins by Peter Ackroyd

Review by Kathryn Hughes - from The Guardian

Kathryn Hughes on an underpowered life of an author who is more interesting than ever

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New Ways to Kill Your Mother by Colm Tóibín

Review by Tessa Hadley - from The Guardian

Tessa Hadley celebrates the work of a writer and critic who is bold, innovative and funny

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Afgantsy: The Russians in Afghanistan 1979-89 by Rodric Braithwaite

Review by - from The Guardian

by Ian Pindar

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