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All Made Up by Janice Galloway

Object Review by Adam Mars-Jones - from The Observer

Janice Galloway describes her fraught teenage years in a second volume of her memoir. But words fail her, writes Adam Mars-Jones

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The Tyranny of Choice by Renata Salecl

Object Review by Killian Fox - from The Observer

Do you really want to help yourself? Step one, according to this powerful attack on consumer society, is to avoid self-help books, writes Killian Fox

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The End: Hitler's Germany, 1944-45 by Ian Kershaw

Object Review by Ben Shephard - from The Observer

A comprehensive retelling of the final days of the Third Reich is frustratingly short of fresh analytical insight, writes Ben Shephard

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The Sound of Trumpets by John Mortimer

Object Review by Philip Womack - from The Observer

Published shortly after Tony Blair came to power, John Mortimer's satire of the New Labour era remains brilliantly unsettling, writes Philip Womack

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Found: A Daughter's Journey Home by Tatum O'Neal

Object Review by Alex Clark - from The Observer

Child star Tatum O'Neal's memoir is an affecting story of a woman who still craves her father's approval, writes Alex Clark

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Lazarus is Dead by Richard Beard

Object Review by Tom Lee - from The Observer

Jesus and Lazarus remain biblical archetypes with little psychological depth in this reimagining of their relationship, writes Tom Lee

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Ship Breaker by Paolo Bacigalupi

Object Review by Patrick Ness - from The Guardian

Patrick Ness on a vivid dystopian world

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The Epigenetics Revolution by Nessa Carey

Object Review by Peter Forbes - from The Guardian

Peter Forbes on a book that would have had Darwin swooning

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The Love and Death of Caterina by Andrew Nicoll

Object Review by William Leith - from The Guardian

William Leith enjoys a fable about old-fashioned male pride and its pitfalls

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Alice by Judith Hermann

Object Review by Philip Hensher - from The Guardian

Philip Hensher on a triumph of the novelist's art

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You by Joanna Briscoe

Object Review by Rachel Seiffert - from The Guardian

Rachel Seiffert is glad to be hooked by a tale of love on a Devon moor

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Free Ride by Robert Levine

Object Review by Evgeny Morozov - from The Observer

Is online piracy and ubiquitous free content killing our culture? Robert Levine's polemic is entertaining but doesn't quite convince Evgeny Morozov

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The Kid by Sapphire

Object Review by Bernardine Evaristo - from The Observer

The story of the brutalisation of a young boy is as bold and powerful as its prequel, Push, writes Bernardine Evaristo

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Honey Money: The Power of Erotic Capital by Catherine Hakim

Object Review by Will Self - from The Guardian

A blueprint for a sexual free market leaves Will Self feeling decidedly uneasy

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The Beach Beneath the Street by McKenzie Wark

Object Review by Jonathan Derbyshire - from The Guardian

Jonathan Derbyshire on the life and times of the Situationist International

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Open City by Teju Cole

Object Review by Giles Foden - from The Guardian

Giles Foden follows a city walker through the private spaces of his mind

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Patronage by Maria Edgeworth

Object Review by Helen Zaltzman - from The Observer

Published a year after Pride and Prejudice, Maria Edgeworth's 1814 epic deserves rediscovery, writes Helen Zaltzman

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The Last Hundred Days by Patrick McGuinness

Object Review by James Purdon - from The Observer

Ceausescu's Bucharest falls again in a vivid semi-autobiographical novel, writes James Purdon

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The Wandering Falcon by Jamil Ahmad

Object Review by Kamila Shamsie - from The Observer

Kamila Shamsie is beguiled by a collection of stories from Pakistan that illuminate the harsh codes of the tribal lands

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