RSS events data display

This is a demonstrator showing html display of RSS events module data. Here's a writeup.

SWAD-Europe calendar options | general demo | some sample RSS+events feeds

SWAD-Europe calendar options

Show all meetings and conferences for this month go
Show all deliverables for this month: go

General demo

Display a single RSS+event calendar url by putting the url here:

with an optional date (blank uses today's date):

OR, to display multiple urls write a config file like this one. It uses the idea of someone who has a foaf:mbox who foaf:subscribesTo a channel.
So, put here the email of the person who subscribes:

and the url of the configuration file which describes what that person subscribes to:

Leaving everything blank defaults to the SWAD-Europe events config file.

Here is the list of urls used for display. Day display, month display JSP files.

Sample files

A list of RDF/Semantic Web related conferences and events:

SWAD-Europe data

LTSN events data 2002-05-19