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Generate RDF from your Palm Datebook file

Last updated 2001-07-23

Now uses the 'hybrid' RDF calendar schema (note that this schema is a work in progress and is likely to change - see RDF calendar Taskforce for more details).

The idea of this demo is that you can upload your palm datebook files to an RDF database to be merged with other calendar files, without syncing your palm or changing any of the data. Private files will not be uploaded. This demo generates rdf descriptions of any events in the Palm datebook which happen today. The generated RDF files are stored on the server, and are public.

If you wish to use this demo with the java RDFweb, you can add the page on the next screen.

Use this form to upload your databook files by browsing your file system. If you want to add your data to the webring, input your email address in full as an identifier. Alternatively you could try it with this Squish demo (see bottom of the page). To access the generated rdf files use this url: http://swordfish.rdfweb.org/calendar/tmp/[yourid].rdf. Files are removed daily.

Here's the perl file I used to do this. If you run linux, you will probably be better off using the non-cgi perl script, setting up a crontab and adding the url of the generated RDF file to the database.

Upload your palm datebook file

enter e-mail address to identify you to the rdfweb

Date (optional - defaults to today) in yyyymmdd format

Timezone - please pick one. Default is UTC

Palms don't have any timezone associated with the dates/times. Please pick your normal timezone, or leave for UTC.

The file upload feature only works with Netscape 2.0 or greater, or IE 4.0 or greater.


Thanks Martin P!